Personal protective equipment

Face mask

Face mask (175x170mm). All of the surface can be customized.

Face mask strap

Put an end to the pain and irritation caused by wearing face mask with our face mask strap. Fully customizable space of the strap (175×30 mm) is a great place for your logo.

Face mask box

Forget about your face masks being scattered all over the place! Use our face mask box to always keep your masks ready at hand, well-organized and clean. Full surface can be customized.

Face shield

Our face shield covers the whole face and provides its users with protection against spray, splatter, droplets, dust, oil, smoke and so on. The forehead element made of soft and breathable foam is the guarantee of comfortable wearing. Adjustable head strap helps you to find the perfect fit.

Multifunctional bandana

Our multifunctional bandana comes in handy in all situation which you may meet during your everyday outdoor activities. During bike trips, it can serve as a mask protecting you from the sweat dripping down your face or dust on the uncharted roads which just wait to be discovered.

Square scarf (55×55 cm, 100% polyester)

Thin, 100% polyester, OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certificare compliant scarf with your logo is a great accessory which can be worn all year round. It is perfect for all types of outdoor activities like riding a bike or motorcycle, skiing, running, etc.
Scarf covering the face reduces the risk of airborne infections, e.g. COVID-19.

Reusable face mask

Reusable face mask made of synthetic paper with customisable imprint on its 130x210mm surface. The mask is a non-medical product but it can decrease the chance of airborn infection like COVID-19.

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