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Microfiber cloths

  • Multifunctional bandana

    Our multifunctional bandana comes in handy in all situation which you may meet during your everyday outdoor activities.

Badges, name badges, magnets and keychains

  • Badges

    We offer standard round badges with the diameter between 25 to 158 mm as well as badges of different shapes and sizes.

  • Name badges

    Plastic or aluminum name badges in any size and shape.

  • Fridge magnets

    Fridge magnets in various sizes, with the possibility of refining from several available types of film.

  • Flexi magnets

    Flexible magnets in any shape and size, made of magnetic foil. There are available magnets with a thickness of 0.4 mm - standard, 0.8 mm, 1.1 mm and 1.5 mm.

  • Badge machines and components

    Badge machines and components in any shape and size.

  • Keychains

    Keychain, keychain machine and exchangeable elements.

Smartphone accessories

  • Sticky cleaner

    Sticky cleaner, which can be made in any shape and size, is a practical and interesting promotional gadget for anyone.

  • Flexi holder

    Flexi holder is a universal mobile finger holder which can also function as a stand.

  • Mobile card pocket

    Silicone card pocket for mobile phones gives you a secure and elegant way to carry your documents, credit cards or money.

  • Wireless phone chargers

    Wireless phone charger is an extremely useful gadget which allows you to charge your phone’s battery very fast without the necessity of using a charging cable.

  • Mobile grip

    Mobile grip is a practical promotional gadget which comes in any shape and size.

  • Mobile ring

    Mobile ring makes using smartphones and tables safer and more comfortable than ever before.

  • Wire protector

    Made of high-quality silicone (inside) and plastic (outside), perfectly fits your wire and reinforces cable joints. Prevents your cable from fraying and breaking.

Security products

  • Camera cover

    Camera cover with a customisable graphic design is designed for laptops, computers and tablets.

  • Camera blocker

    Camera blocker with full colour printing is available in two versions: as a flat or dome sticker.

  • Cardguard

    Special card sleeve which protects your payment cards against RFID skimming (unauthorised access by hidden RFID/NFC card readers).

  • Data protector

    Data Protector keeps all your data safe on active devices, connected with USB cable. Use at the airports, in hotels and other public USB charging stations.

  • Security card

    RFID blocking card which put inside of your wallet protects your payment cards’ data from unlawful skimming.

Multifunction products

  • Can opener 3in1

    Can opener 3in1 with a neodymium magnet is a practical gadget which you can use for opening and closing cans.

  • Keychain 5in1

    Keychain 5in1 is a multifunctional gadget which makes many of the everyday activities easier than before.

  • Bottle opener 4in1

    Bottle opener 4in1 with a magnet is a product which you will always want to have at your disposal.

  • Credit card size bottle opener

    Credit card size stainless steel (metal) bottle opener is an ideal promotional gift and advertising gadget suitable for all areas of business activity. Perfectly fits any wallet.

  • Credit Card Multitool

    Credit card size multi-tool including screw drivers, ruler, divider, hex bit driver, smartphone stand, wrenches, letter/box opener, nail puller, spoke keys, bottle opener, can opener and many more.

  • Ergo mouse pad

    Ergonomic mouse pad adapted to the anatomical structure of the wrist, with full color printing. It provides comfort at work and limits the risk of illnesses such as the carpal tunnel syndrome.

  • Mouse pad 3in1

    It can be used as a mouse pad, screen cleaner (safe for screens) and protective mat placed between the screen and the keyboard of laptop computers.

Microfiber cloths

  • Microfiber cloths, towel and cooling towel

    Microfiber products with individual imprint.

  • Bandana

    Our multifunctional bandana comes in handy in all situation which you may meet during your everyday outdoor activities.

Personal protective equipment

  • Personal protective equipment

    Face mask, face mask strap, face mask box, face shield, multifunctional bandana.

Other products

  • Magnifier

    Magnifying glass in the size of a standard payment card (55x85 mm) with a customisable UV imprint.

  • Mirror card

    Thanks to the size and shape of a standard payment card, our mirror fits all types of wallets or purses.

  • Other products

    Our other products.


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Fair trades 2020






07-01-09.01 PSI
Düsseldorf, 9A37

14.01-16.01 - Nordic Profile Fair
Jönköping, A08:17

14.01-16.01 Promo Gift
Madrid, 12H18

21.01-22.01 NBR Promotion Fair




22.01-24.01 PTE
Milano, B68

25.01-28.01 Paperworld
Frankfurt, 3.1 B09

30.01-01.02 GiveADays
Stuttgart, 5E11




04.02-06.02 CTCO
Lyon, 2E2

12.02-13.02 Merchandise World
Coventry, 120

12.02-14.02 RemaDays
Warsaw, F/A7




04.03-05.03 Myvendo Fair
Odense, 3015

05.03-07.03 Expo Regal Souvenir
Barcelona, 2

11.03-13.03 RemaDays Kiev




27.04-30.04 HK Gifts&Premium
Hong Kong, 2A11

28.04-30.04 Reklama Polygraf




02.09-03.09 Premium Sourcing

08.09 Haptica Live

09.09-10.09 Festiwal Marketingu
Warsaw, J8

09.09-11.09 Marketing&Sales Prom




09. Rex Expo

29.09-01.10 Salon C!Print
Madrid, G241




10. Copis Show


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