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Biodegradable products

As an environmentally-friendly company, we are introducing a new line of biodegradable products, certified by COBRO-Packaging Research Institute.

Biodegradable badge

Biodegradable badge with safe pinless closure.

Size: 56 mm

Biodegradable self assembling badge

Biodegradable badge (56mm) with pinless closure which can be easily made without any specialised equipment.

Size: 56 mm

Wooden keychain

Wooden keychains made of natural material in any shape with your design.

Size: Any size and shape
Material: Wood

Biodegradable Name badges pinless

Transparent ID with a safe pinless closure in two sizes.

Size: 84×54 mm / 70×35 mm
Color: transparent

Biodegradable Mobile Card Pocket

Plastic card pocket for your mobile phone was designed to help you make sure that you will never forget any of your cards.

Size: 85×54 mm
Color: transparent

Biodegradable token

Biodegradable token for trolley marked with pad printing, digital printing or flat sticker. It can serve as an interesting alternative to paper coupons or currency during events.

Token size: 1€

RPET microfiber cloth

Microfiber glass cleaning cloth with a customisable design is ideal for cleaning glasses and delicate surfaces without leaving any streaks or smudges.

Size: 90×150 / 150×150 / 150×180 / 180×180 mm

RPET Multifunctional bandana

Bandana 150 gsm made of recycled polyester is a product designed for eco-aware customers who care for the environment.

Size: 250×480 mm

Biodegradable Camera cover

Biodegradable camera cover sliding with a customisable graphic design is designed for laptops, computers and tablets.

Size: 30×13 mm
Color: transparent

Wooden fridge magnet

High quality wooden magnets with custom design are available in a few sizes and shapes.

Size: Any size and shape
Material: Wood

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