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Biodegradable products

As an environmentally-friendly company, we are introducing a new line of biodegradable products, certified by COBRO-Packaging Research Institute.

Biodegradable badge

Size: 56 mm

Biodegradable self assembling badge

Size: 56 mm

Eco Paper badge

Thickness: 1 / 2 / 3 mm
Material: paper

Biodegradable Name badges pinless

Size: 84×54 mm / 70×35 mm
Color: transparent

Biodegradable Mobile Card Pocket

Size: 85×54 mm
Color: transparent

Biodegradable token

Token size: 1€

RPET microfiber cloth

Size: 90×150 / 150×150 / 150×180 / 180×180 mm

RPET Multifunctional bandana

Size: 250×480 mm

Camera cover

Size: 30×13 mm
Color: transparent

Wooden keychain

Size: any size and shape
Material: HDF

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